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The Deadly Sins

March 8, 2002


Sins of Omission: After the instant of recognition, there is no innocent bystander.


  •  Fail to object.

  •  Fail to believe all human beings are biologically the same.

  •  Fail to understand all human beings are capable of all acts.

  •  Fail to cooperate and share.

  •  Fail to acknowledge your government acts contrary to humanity’s  interests.

  •  Fail to look and listen.


Sins of Commission: We are all connected, past present and future.


  • Wage war.

  • Injure other living creatures and systems.

  • Believe that God, or other deities, notices you.

  • Die with money in the bank.

  • Pretend a particular other human being does not exist.

  • Scorn popular culture, heroes and ideas.

  • Scorn the intelligence of other people.

  • Assert that your opinions are self-evident truths.

  • Divide people into the good and the evil, us and them.


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