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August 16, 2000


I read in the paper (Science Section)

I'm not the only one who's sad (famine

flood acts of terror not sufficient news)

But some are sad, I mean really down as

Leaves, down as the sun at six o'clock.


Such the season. Pineal glands read

Our brains the message. First off

The sun fails, then BurgerKing, HoJo's,

Subway systems coast to coast. It's all over

The day nudists put their pants on and head home.


Scientific reassurance counts for something:

I'm not a throwback to Roman times when those who

Never heard of melanin knew by plumbing lead in their bones

Bad times were coming despite olive crops piled like

Pumpkins on the docks.


When daylight yields that extra precious slice

of Light returning what joyful noise they and I

Raise to our several gods. Science announces

Winter Solstice 3:00 A.M. but surely my grateful brain

Looked with its inner eye past the astronomers


And saw with satisfaction crowds of strollers

parade their starry shoes around the circle

of heavenly squares in summer.

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