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I should not be stayed here

shoveling the tide of my jaded 

blue sea, my waters of birth from bucket 

to bucket in weary child's play


On a pink flannel sheet, awake in winter,

on a pink pillowslip keeping my head cool

while my feet wear socks to bed for warmth

and analysis goes on.


I am neither fish nor fallen nor cut bait

nor holding money in my mouth. Neither 

saved nor damned, not slave nor freaked nor 

trapped in traffic, in fact going nowhere.


Did you notice how the days get longer?

I saw the sunset spread over the river later 

than last month. This is our universal 

our common our everyman eyeful. God bless us.


Come take me away. Come with a lottery ticket

and save me. Get me a face‑lift, a fork‑lift, 

a ladder jammed with upending angels oh carry 

me away to your jaded blue heaven somebody please.

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