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April, 2020

In the midst of dire

Warnings hurled from TV

Radio internet news

In the midst, I say, of all this

Clamor spring birds emit songs

And berserk come-hither cries. Buildings

Chirp, hopeful with beaks and feathers.


Does spring convince you? Do you

Also hope the virus will recede

And boastful birds in

Fancy dress survive among the new

Green leaves, gorging their young

On bugs and worms and berries?


I thought our back vine perished

But no, good news, it’s leaves newborn

Venture by tiny finger-holds across

Stained naked brick. Nature repeats.

The planet pays no heed to our

Convulsions, just as we do not

To its, not since some bible fool

wrote God gives to man dominion.

Today, one rules by Twitter,

Another by staying home.

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