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The Anti-Beauty Report

November, 2012

1. The aging complexion

Stay out of sun, stay out of wind: these

times of life blotch your skin and stain your soul

with never-fade remorsefulness. Like lost sex.

Stains amoeba-shaped never drift, flat protozoa

never multiply. The upriver stroke: fish fears, self-loathing,

tormented thoughts of someone else’s death, not mine.

Out of the sun’s scalpel and the wind’s strike

display your fearful hat, stay clear, clearly unstained.

2. Depilation

Try to tweeze away the wrinkles on your upper lip. Fine

and black as threads, but no, they’re crevices. Long ago

I dreamed my age would taste of walnuts, raisins,

fruit with nourishment so deep that all winter one could survive

gnawing dry benefits, as if we lived a different winter

in the desert.

Wrong. One cannot eat old age.

It disgusts the tongue like hairs

which cannot be plucked away or bleached.

3. Mortality

Because the well falls so deep.

Because the tunnel crawls so long and the curved

sky hovers too close, dry clattering like

a hundred helicopters. Why don’t they shoot?

Basically there’s no way out but out.

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